Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homemade Musical Instrument Project for 5th grade

It is that time of year again where we are talking about the instrument families in music class. Every year I allow the 5th graders to make a musical instrument to demonstrate their knowledge of the musical families. So, students if you have any questions about the project or need some clarification on the project please respond to this blog. Remember to put your first and last name as well as your homeroom teacher's name when you publish your response. Also, if you scroll down the page I have included links for more information about our musical families. In this blog I posted the rubric for our project. In case you forgot the due dates for the project here they are: Sekora, Marcum, Chaffin and Helton's projects are due April 27th
Winston's projects are due May 4th
Tucker's projects are due May 11th
Barnes,Phillips, and Satterly's projects are due May 18th

I am giving everyone more than enough time to turn in your projects so have fun with them and don't let them be something that stresses you out. Remember Spring break would be a great time to get to work on them!!!

Homemade Musical Instruments

Explanation: This week we will be studying the different families of instruments. As we learn about the instrument families, you will pick your favorite instrument family and create an instrument that would fit into that family. You will get the opportunity to share the instrument with your class. You will show your knowledge of what makes an instrument fit into a family by telling us why your instrument fits into that family.
Rubric: Your grade will be out of 50 points. Below shows how the points are divided up. At the end of the presentations you will be given back you to you a copy of this rubric filled out with your grade on it.
Criteria Points Possible Your Score
Instrument was turned in on time 5 _____

Poster 5 _____

Your name and your instrument’s name displayed 5 _____

Description of family 10 _____

Explanation of how your instrument fits in that family 10 _____

Work put into the creation of your instrument 10 _____

Your presentation 5 _____

Your instrument can actually play
(or is from the brass family) +5 _____


Kayla Harper/Marcum said...

Can i do 2 paper plates with beans it it and paint the plate so it will not be plane!?!?

Ms. Cundiff said...

It sounds like you have a good start Kayla! Just remember to explain which family it fits into and why.

Anonymous said...

could you put a simple woodwind like a straw pipes glued together?

Ms. Cundiff said...

Please remember to include your first and last name as well as your homeroom teacher's name when you respond to the blog. But yes straw pipes sound like a very creative idea you may even want to poke holes in the straws so that you could make different pitches!!

Hannah Williams Tucker said...

will a mini hand guitar be good and will we have music the week it is due

carlee wilkerson marcum said...

I forgot my music notes in your room can you find them please or tell me what all we put on the percussion family? thanks if you find them give them to mrs.marcum or email me at

Ms. Cundiff said...

Hannah your instrument idea sounds good! You should be having music the week your project is due. However, due to testing things might change a bit but I will keep the due dates the same.

Carlee I hope the information I gave you today helps if you have any more questions please let me know!!!

mackenzie said...

hey ms.cundiff would a woodwind whistel be ok MACKENZIE BUTT WINSTON

Ms. Cundiff said...

Mackenzie sorry it took me so long to respond but, yes a whistle will be a great project for you to turn in!

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